Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio.We work with custom, self-made technologies. Our mixture of creativity, software and hardware gives birth to immersive installations, projection mapping, lighting for buildings, digital scenography, audiovisual instruments and sound design.

Our innovative approach, attention to detail and a craving for storytelling make us consider projects from all points of view, delivering intensely unique works that translate across cultures.

We love to experiment with new formats, working with Open Source tools and collaborating with people from around the world to deliver innovative projects, both in the artistic and commercial spectrum.

We’re passionate about art, music, science, code and nature, and we share this passion by giving lectures and workshops in universities, schools or institutions.

If you have a crazy idea you want to make real, please contact us at info@playmodes.com



Eloi Maduell / CEO Visual Research || Computer Engineer by training and audiovisual creative by passion, he has been experimenting and developing projects around creativity and new audiovisual technologies for 20 years. Inspired by human perception, creative programming, mathematics, physics and abstraction.
Santi Vilanova / CEO Sound Research || A graduate in graphic design and passionate about sound art, Santi Vilanova has managed to combine these two disciplines through the catalyst of “creative technologies”, of which he is a self-taught developer.
(De) formed in the rave scene of the early 2000s, his sound work has evolved to integrate this influence into new territories. His recent research combines digital algorithms and sonification engines with classical staves and acoustic ensembles, focusing on the idea of a visual music.