Pen Plotter Prints Espai Tònic. May 2019

A new line of research involving printed drawings. All drawings are code generated, using either Processing or OpenFrameworks. You can purchase them at:


Most of the drawings are grouped into 3 different “series”: Grids, Circles and IsoBox



The GRIDS series is based on a regular grid division of the canvas, where each cell can be filled with different geometries or features using weighted probabilities. On this video you can see the software in action:




And these are some of the outputs of this algorithms when plotted:



PRINTS - Grids Series



The CIRCLES series is based on luminance reinterpretation of sampled bitmaps. This series is an study around circles and luminance gradients resampled as geometry.

Here you can see some of the drawings of this series:



PRINTS - Sampling Series



The ISOBOX series is based on an hexagonal grid division of the canvas. On each cell there can lay an isometric structure of varying length (width, height or depth) which is filled either with plain colors or with hatched lines/points. Same than with the GRIDS series, a bunch of probability weights can be defined from the generation software that you can see in action here:





And here the resulting prints:



PRINTS - Isobox Series



All the drawings are printed using an AXIDRAW pen plotter on A4 or A3 paper.